abstract class Celestine::Filter::Basic

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Instance methods inherited from module Celestine::Modules::Animate

animate(&block : Proc(Celestine::Animate, Nil)) animate

Instance methods inherited from module Celestine::Modules::Body

body_attribute(io) body_attribute, height : IFNumber? height, height=(height : IFNumber?) height=, height_units : String? height_units, height_units=(height_units : String?) height_units=, width : IFNumber? width, width=(width : IFNumber?) width=, width_units : String? width_units, width_units=(width_units : String?) width_units=

Instance methods inherited from module Celestine::Modules::Position

position_attribute(io : IO) position_attribute, x : IFNumber? x, x=(x : IFNumber?) x=, x_units : String? x_units, x_units=(x_units : String?) x_units=, y : IFNumber? y, y=(y : IFNumber?) y=, y_units : String? y_units, y_units=(y_units : String?) y_units=

Instance methods inherited from class Celestine::Drawable

class_attribute(io : IO) class_attribute, classes : Array(String) classes, classes=(classes : Array(String)) classes=, custom_attribute(io : IO) custom_attribute, custom_attrs : Hash(String, String) custom_attrs, custom_attrs=(custom_attrs) custom_attrs=, draw(io : IO) : Nil draw, id : String? id, id=(id : String?) id=, id_attribute(io : IO) id_attribute, inner_elements : IO::Memory inner_elements, inner_elements=(inner_elements) inner_elements=, style : Hash(String, String) style, style=(style) style=, style_attribute(io : IO) style_attribute

Instance Method Detail

def filter_basic_attribute(io) #

def result : String? #

def result=(result : String?) #